A 18-year-old British teenager, Arion Kurtaj, is accused of hacking into Uber, Revolut, and Rockstar Games in 2022.

Kurtaj is alleged to have gained access to sensitive data from these companies, including customer information, financial records, and source code.

He is also accused of blackmailing Rockstar Games by threatening to release the stolen data if the company did not pay him a ransom.

Kurtaj has been charged with 12 offenses, including three counts of blackmail, two counts of fraud, and six counts of computer misuse.

He is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he is fit to stand trial.

The case has raised concerns about the security of major tech companies.

Uber and Revolut have both said that they have since strengthened their security measures.

However, the case also highlights the growing threat of cybercrime from teenagers.

Kurtaj is not the first young person to be accused of hacking into major companies.

In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile cases involving teenagers who have gained access to sensitive data.

This trend is likely to continue as teenagers become more adept at using technology and as the value of stolen data increases.

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If you like our story please share this with you friend and family.

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