How to Not Show What Filter You Used on Snapchat

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Unveiling the secret of how to not show what filter you used on Snapchat might seem like a daunting task, but fear not! This comprehensive and friendly guide is here to walk you through the process. we will also learn the process of how to hide your snap on Snapchat memories.

Can I hide the filters I used on Snapchat?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I hide the filters I used on Snapchat?” Well, guess what? You absolutely can! This friendly guide is here to help you maintain a sense of mystery around your Snapchat filter use, giving your snaps that extra layer of intrigue.

Can I hide the filters I used on Snapchat?

Snapchat filters and lenses are the spice that keeps the Snapchat experience so flavorful. They are part of what makes the app so addictive, not just for those who use Snapchat as their primary messaging platform, but also for individuals who use the app specifically for its fun camera features.

One popular trend is using Snapchat’s diverse array of filters to capture a picture or record a video, then save it to the device’s camera roll. From there, the enhanced images or videos can be shared with friends on various platforms, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat itself, or other social apps.

One caveat to keep in mind, though. If you use a Snapchat filter and don’t hide it, your friends can see which filter you used and potentially mimic your style.

If you’d rather keep your creative choices to yourself, there’s an easy solution, hide the filters you used. if you wanna do this continue reading this detailed guide to learn step by step process on how to do it. if you want information on how to delete a Kucoin account then check out our guide on it.

How to not show what filters you used on Snapchat

If you’re a Snapchat whizz who loves using filters but you don’t want your recipients to know which one you’re using, you’re in luck. The solution is surprisingly simple and doesn’t involve any complicated steps.

If you want a quick step to do. here it is simply save your snap on the camera roll. send it wherever you want. your picture or video will be shared as a normal picture or video. The photo or video will still feature the Snapchat filters, yet once you send it as a standard image, there’s no way for the recipient to tell it originated from Snapchat.

Step 1: Open your Snapchat and take a snap

Alright, let’s dive into Snapchat. Whether you’re an Android user or an iPhone user,

There’s one thing you should know before we embark on this journey: when you opt to send your Snap as a regular image or video, it’s technically not counted as a ‘Snap’. So, no brownie points for your Snap score.

Begin by launching the Snapchat app. Right there, beneath your screen, you’ll find your trusty camera button. Nestled beside it is a smiley face icon – that’s your gateway to the vibrant world of Snapchat filters.

Give that smiley a tap and get ready to capture an epic Snap. It could be a photo that captures your mood or a video of your pet’s adorable antics – with your favorite filter, of course! 

Step 2: save your snap

Now, onto the next phase of our Snapchat filter escapade. Once you’ve recorded your whimsical video or snapped that perfect picture and chosen the filter that elevates it to its best, it’s time to secure your masterpiece.

How to not show what filters you used on Snapchat

Instead of tapping on ‘Send’, you’re going to want to look for the ‘Save’ button, casually hanging out at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Give that a tap and voila! Your snap gets a cozy new home in your ‘Memories’, the magical spot where your Snaps, Camera Roll, and Stories all reside.

So, what’s next? When you’re ready to send this particular Snap to your buddies, make sure you grab it from the Camera Roll. It’s like you’re sending a regular photo or video, with no hint of the Snapchat filter you used.

Step 3: open your chat

Alright, so you’ve saved your Snap, now what? It’s time to chat!

After your Snap has been safely tucked away into your Memories, you’ll see an ‘X’ symbol at the top left corner of your screen. Go ahead and tap it. Don’t worry, your Snap is safe and sounds in your Memories.

Next, it’s time to navigate to the ‘Chats’ section. Look through your list and find the lucky friend who’ll be receiving your Snap. If you’ve never had a conversation with them on Snapchat before, no worries! You can easily start a new chat with them.

Step 4: send your photo as normal

First, spot the ‘Memories’ icon – it looks like two vertical rectangular boxes right next to the emoji icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. Give it a tap, and you’ll be greeted with all the snaps you’ve saved.

Next, sift through your saved snaps and choose the one you’re ready to send. Here’s the crucial bit – ensure the tab is set on ‘Camera Roll’, not ‘Memories’. Found your chosen snap? Brilliant! Tap on the ‘Send’ button. And just like that, your picture or video gets sent out without any hint of the filter or lens you used on Snapchat.

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How To Hide Snaps On Snapchat Memories?

Step 1: Open your Snapchat app

Alright, let’s dive back into Snapchat, shall we? Whether you’re sporting an iPhone or an Android device, Snapchat’s got you covered.

Kick off your Snapchat journey by tapping the app open. Next, spot the Memories button – it’s got the look of two vertical rectangular boxes and it’s hanging out just next to the camera button on the left.

Want a shortcut? Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and boom, you’re in the Memories page! It’s like stepping through a magic portal into your past Snaps.

Step 2: Select your snap

Now that you’re on the Memories page, it’s time for a little bit of a treasure hunt. In the first section, you’ll find a collection of your past Snaps. It’s like a trip down memory lane, right?

Among these precious mementos, find that one particular Snap you wish to keep away from prying eyes. Yes, that’s the one! Go ahead and tap it. Now, we’re all set for the next part of our Snapchat

Step 3:tap on three dot

Once you’ve selected the Snap you’d like to keep private, tap on it to open it up. You’ll notice a tiny icon with three dots at the top right corner of your screen, just waiting for your attention. So go ahead, tap on it!

How To Hide Snaps On Snapchat Memories?

Now, a pop-up menu will appear at the bottom of your screen. Among the various options, there’s one that says ‘Hide Snap (My Eyes Only)’. Tap that, and just like that, you’ve whisked your Snap away into the secretive realm of ‘My Eyes Only’. 

Step 4: Create a passcode

Now, it’s time to set up your secret passcode. After tapping ‘Hide Snap (My Eyes Only)’, you’ll be prompted to run through a quick setup process to create your unique passcode. Consider this your key to the secret vault of hidden Snaps!

Once your passcode is in place, your selected Snap will magically move to the ‘My Eyes Only’ tab. It’s like your Snap has a secret identity now, visible only to you.

But how do you visit this secret hideout of Snaps? Simple! Just swipe from right to left on the Snaps, Camera Roll, and Stories tabs, and you’ll find the ‘My Eyes Only’ tab waiting for you at the end.

What is my eye-only feature on Snapchat?

Have you ever wished you had a secret vault to keep certain Snaps under wraps on Snapchat? Well, the ‘My Eyes Only’ feature is precisely that! It’s a neat little feature that allows you to tuck away specific Snaps from your Memories into a secure and private tab.

Think of ‘My Eyes Only’ as a secret room in the mansion of Memories. It’s comfortably nestled at the very end of the Memories section, waiting patiently for a swipe of your finger to reveal its contents.

If you’ve got Snaps that you’d rather keep away from your friends’ view while they scroll through your Memories, ‘My Eyes Only’ comes to your rescue. Here, your Snaps can sit snug, hidden away, and guarded by a passcode. It’s like having a personal Snapchat bouncer, ensuring no unwanted attention falls on your private Snaps.

So, in a nutshell, ‘My Eyes Only’ is your private sanctuary within Snapchat, helping you maintain that delicate balance between sharing and privacy.

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Why Does Snapchat Tell Users What Filter You Have Used?

Snapchat sharing the filters you’ve used might seem like spilling your secret recipe, right? But it’s actually a pretty clever move.

Think about it – you’ve created an awesome Snap using a super cool filter. Your friends see it and they’re blown away. They’re itching to create something similar, but how? Snapchat to the rescue!

By revealing the filters you’ve used, Snapchat allows others to get inspired by your creativity and create their own masterpiece using the same filters. It’s like passing the torch of creativity to others.

Why Does Snapchat Tell Users What Filter You Have Used?

Plus, every time someone discovers a new filter through a friend’s Snap, it enriches their Snapchat experience, giving them more ways to express themselves and create content. This not only fosters a sense of community among users but also keeps them hooked to the app.

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Wrapping up

Snapchat filters are truly the spice that adds flavor to your Snaps, making them fun, exciting, and uniquely yours. But every now and then, you might wish to add an element of mystery to your creations, by not revealing the filter used.

If that’s the case, don’t worry – Snapchat’s got you covered. The secret lies in your Memories and Camera Roll. After crafting your Snap with the desired filter, export it to your Camera Roll. Then, simply send it as a usual photo or video, instead of a Snap.

Your masterpiece is sent without revealing the secret sauce – the filter you used. It’s like performing a magic trick that keeps your friends guessing.

Additionally, Snapchat offers another trick up its sleeve – the ‘My Eyes Only’ feature. This is your personal, passcode-protected vault in the Memories section, where you can hide away those Snaps you’d rather keep to yourself.

Frequently ask question

Can I hide the filters I’ve used on a Snapchat photo or video?

Yes, you can. Instead of sending it as a Snap, save it to your Camera Roll first, and then send it as a normal photo or video. This way, the recipient won’t be able to see which filter you used.

Will my Snap Score be affected if I send a Snap from my Camera Roll instead of directly sending it?

 No, your Snap Score will not be affected. The Snap Score only increases when you send Snaps directly, not when you send photos or videos from your Camera Roll.

What if I want to keep my Snap private even from my Memories?

You can use Snapchat’s ‘My Eyes Only’ feature. This feature lets you move Snaps into a passcode-protected space in your Memories where only you can access them.

How can I move a Snap to ‘My Eyes Only’?

Open the Snap in Memories, tap on the three-dot icon, and select ‘Hide Snap (My Eyes Only)’. You’ll then be prompted to set up a passcode if it’s your first time using the feature.

What transpires if my ‘My Eyes Only’ passcode slips from my memory?

Unfortunately, if you forget your ‘My Eyes Only’ passcode, Snapchat can’t help you retrieve it. The Snaps in ‘My Eyes Only’ will be lost forever. It’s crucial to remember your passcode or keep it safe somewhere.

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